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If I had know it would come to this v.2

Here is the video of our new work. When I say “our”, I mean, Roberta Mosca, David Kern, Tilman O’Donnell and I. Pillole Festival 2013 / If I had known it would come to this Check it out.

New work and video installations @ Pillole Festival

On March 23, and March 24th, Roberta Mosca, David Kern, Tilman O’Donnell and me are making and presenting a new work as well as some already made videos installation @ Pillole Festival in Milano, Italy.

To the program on our part:


This is a collaborative work by Roberta Mosca, David Kern, Tilman O’Donnell and Cyril Baldy that has been made and will be premiered at the Pillole Festival.

IF I HAD KNOWN IT WOULD COME TO THIS it not only a work, but a way to see questions about how things become. questions about what influences the becoming of things, questions about how the becoming of things is influenced by our projections. how the becoming of our projections becomes. questions about insistence. how the becoming of letting go becomes. questions about predictions. how things become now in relation to our position in the past or in the future. we question how do we know things and where do we know them from. questions about how series of events become. about how did we end up here now. questions about how do we recognize the becoming of things. If I had know it would come to this

IF I HAD KNOWN IT WOUL COME TO THIS è non solo un lavoro, ma un modo di vedere domande su come le cose divengono.domande su cosa influenza il divenire delle cose, domande su come il divenire delle cose sia influenzato dalle nostre proiezioni. come il divenire delle nostre proiezioni diviene. domande sull’insistenza. come il divenire del nostro lasciare andare diviene. domande sulle previsioni. come le cose divengono ora in relazione alla nostra posizione nel passato o nel futuro. ci domandiamo come conosciamo le cose e da dove. domande su come serie di eventi divengono. su come siamo finiti qui ora. domande su come riconosciamo il divenire delle cose.


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